Workplace pensions

Workplace pension plans

Workplace pension plans in Bridgend

As a responsible business, you are required to help your employees plan their retirement. We can help you determine company pension contributions. Get in touch with Marlborough Bookkeeping Company today.

Defined pension contributions

Defined pension contributions

As an expert in workplace pensions and with more than 20 years of experience in the market, we can help you determine what your company’s contribution should be to the pensions of your employees. We offer you a free consultation to understand your company’s finances and business goals. We also offer you a risk free 3 month trial to help you comprehend how our services add value to your business.
Pension services

Pension services we offer

-  Deducting contributions from salaries
-  Pay contributions into a pension plan
-  Employee pension schemes
-  Payment information and records

We are just a phone call away to attend to any of your pension requirements. Contact us today in Laleston, Bridgend and as far as Porthcawl and North Wales.
Call Marlborough Bookkeeping Company, serving Porthcawl, Bridgend and beyond, on 01656 668 820 for pension plans and pension contributions.

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